Job Market Writing Course


Job Market Writing is a unique writing course that your department is offering.  It helps you prepare a job market paper for the economics job market audience.  It usually takes place in the summer.

Why should I take the course? 

You should take the course for three reasons: first, if you want to have a polished job market paper ready for the market; second, if you want to learn how to produce papers efficiently; and third, if you want to get a head start on preparing answers to questions you may be asked at interviews and flyouts.      


How much of the paper will we work on?

The course will focus on the foot-in-the-door portions of your paper: the title, abstract, introduction, and the main point of every other section.  Since these portions should be watertight, you will be rewriting them several times, tightening the argument, improving logical flow, and making it easier for busy readers to extract value from your words.  

How much feedback will I get?

Several rounds.  Each day, you will get feedback on your homework assignment from classmates as well as the instructor.  



Where can I see student evaluations?

On our courses page.


Would you like to take the course?

If so, please sign up here.