Where to go for writing advice

There are several resources available to young economists who are working to improve their writing.  We've shared a few here, but we would also like to know your favorites.


Economics-specific writing guides:

  • A Guide for the Young Economist by William Thomson. MIT Press, 2001.  In addition to writing advice, you'll pick up very useful tips on how to present models, theorems and proofs,  what notation to use, how to define terms, etc.
  • Economical Writing (latest edition) by Deirdre McCloskey. Waveland.  The classic guide on style with tips on process and substance for writers in economics.
  • Finally, there's our little book too!

Interdisciplinary writing, editing, and style guides: 

Advice on the job market and faculty reflections on research writing:

  • Harvard and Stanford offer very useful guides for job market candidates.
  • Professor Gregory Mankiw's rules of thumb will give you a new perspective on how to approach research writing.
  • Professor John Cochrane's tips for Ph.D. students will give you concrete steps to take as you prepare for the market.

Reading for inspiration:

  • Articles in The Economist.
  • If you are preparing for policy writing, the IMF's F&D offers samples of economic topics presented simply.


Presentations: Managing Nerves

Presentations: Managing Nerves